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on Voces Latinas


Gregg Fenten, Mediation Station Founder, Producer, and Host,

with Co-host Jenny D'Alessandro, at the Voces Latinas CHHA 1610 AM studio,

San Lorenzo Community Centre, Toronto, Canada

Listen to Gregg Fenten's interview on Voces Latinas (in Spanish and English)


Mediation Station is on every Sunday from 8 to 9 p.m. EST with lively discussion, guests and topics that will give you lots to think about regarding relationships, conflict and current events.

The program is performed live and in English.

Listen to us on the Internet!

On the San Lorenzo Community Centre web page

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   We are always looking to play music recorded in Canada  from people who are not known as yet. 

     Get in touch with us if you want your/others' material promoted for free.

Lyrics must be with a positive message, contain no swear words, or put downs of anyone, or any violence, and be available in Mp3 format.


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 Date                                                       Guests                                                                Topic                                         

November 14, 2010                         Dr. Kathy Bickmore                                       Peacemaking in the Education System

November 28, 2010                         Guest Host Jenny Padula                             Non-Verbal Communication

December  5,  2010                         Sabine Fisher                                                Coaching and Leadership Skills