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   HOST: Gregg Fenten

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DATE                               GUEST(S)                                                          TOPIC

October 31, 2010              Jason Marshall                                           ONE DRAW Project

October 24, 2010              Dinath de la Barrera, Claudia Fuentes      Understanding Abuse and Violence

October 17, 2010             Jean Milligan, Pierina Cincinnato              Healthy Minds Canada, Children's Mental Health
                                                                                                                 and Stigma
October 10, 2010             Julie Mckenna                                            More Mediation Exploration

October  3,  2010              Victoria                                                     The Venus Project

September 19, 2010         Gregg Fenten and Jenny D'Alessandro      Adult Bullying

September 12, 2010         Janet Rodriguez                                          Relationships and Chronic Illness       

September 5, 2010           Omar Nur and Zuher Ahmed                    Youth Violence

August    22, 2010                 Maryam Manteghi                                     Understanding Family Law
August    15, 2010           Mario Marasco                                                               Condominium Conflicts
August      8, 2010           Jean Millington, Pierina Cincinnato           Healthy Minds Canada

August     1, 2010           Gregg Fenten with Julie McKenna        Mediation Exploration

July       25, 2010           Joan Barrington                                        Therapeutic Clowns International

July        4, 2010           Mercy Okalowe                                         The Silent Majority

June     27, 2010           Mary Lou Diapolo, Nidhi Gupta              Gavel Clubs in Africa

April    11, 2010             Donna Cansfield MPP                               Ontario  Provincial Parliament

April     4, 2010            Co-host: Paulina Gueller                          Mediation for ESL

March   28, 2010           Foruz Badiyan                                             Women's Learning Institute

March   21, 2010             Judy Cohen, Mediator                                         Understanding More                  

                                                                                                           About Mediation

March   14,  2010           Eva Karpati, Publisher                                      Good News Toronto


March      7,  2010        Nicole Rosen, Mediator                                Family Mediation


February 21, 2010        Sam Wales, Mediator                                    Effective Communication


February 14, 2010        Co-host: Jenny D'Alessandro                        Another Look at Conflict;

                                                                                                            5th Anniversary of Mediation Station