The quality of our  intimate relationships, those among parents and children, spouses, siblings, other relatives, friends, or romantic partners, are crucial to achieving a peaceful and satisfying life.

There is a lot we can do to improve these relationships - but many of us need guidance to be able to do it.

We can emulate those we see around us interact in a warm, friendly manner - whether it is among those in our close circles, or in other experiences. Empathic listening, encouraging words, a pleasant tone of voice, a gentle touch can be a great source of energy, and can go a long way towards  building closeness and good will between giver and recipient.  

There are courses, books, counselors, therapists, support groups, friends we can turn to for help with our relationship problems. There is nothing wrong with learning, and trying new, better ways of relating.  

The key requirement for any good relationship is respect for, and acceptance of ourselves and the other - the realization that their needs are as valid as ours, and our needs are as valid as theirs.

The challenge is to find creative, mutually acceptable solutions.