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1 Conflict Resolution: How to fight fair so that everyone wins
Conflict Resolution - Rules for fair fighting
2 'Warrior Gene' tied to Violence
Toronto Star article - Megan Ogilvi - June 2009
3 How to Measure Gross National Happiness
Index of Wellbeing is better descriptor then Gross Domestic Product - Toronto Star - Martin Regg Cohn - June 2009
4 Definitions in the Field of Conflict Transformation
Peacemakers Trust web page resource - Catherine Morris
5 The Emphatic Civilization
Book excerpt - Jeremy Rifkin

"Homo Emphaticus - the Big Story Historians Missed"
6 Start Early to Nip Bullies in the Bud
Toronto Star - Trish Crawford - February 2010

Child research:
'Play nice' helps stop grown-up bullying
7 The Third Side, by William Uri (Previously: Getting to Peace)
Book, 2010

"Why We Fight and How We Can Stop"
8 William Ury - The walk from no to yes - video
William Ury talks about the "Third Side" - the influence of outsiders in helping to diffuse conflicts.
9 Empathy and Violence Have Similar Circuits in the Brain
EurekAlert - April 2010 - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology

"Educating people to be empathetic could be an education for peace, bringing about a reduction in conflict and belligerent acts"