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1 Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
Family Violence Prevention Unit,
Health Canada; Library of resource materials; Can be searched online
2 Family violence against women with DisAbilities
Dawn Ontario: Disabled Women's Network Ontario
3 Single Dad: Divorced, with children? Give mediation a try.
Peter Erlich; "To find a mediator, ask your lawyer, doctor or friends or go to, or contact the Ontario Association for Family Mediation at"
4 Spanking hurts - more than you think
Toronto Star article Sept. 28, 2009; Jesse McLean; Study: spanking lowers children's IQ's
5 Parents: The world needs your child
Toronto Star article Oct. 1, 2009; Marc, Craig Kielburger; From random acts of kindness to at-home debates, encourage your kids to go from `me' to `we'