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1 A role model for Hamas
David Koschitzky: Anwar Sadat provides a role model for Hamas - Toronto Star, November 23, 2012
2 From Bedouin shepherd to Israeli diplomat
Newsreview.com article by Robert Speer, February 19, 2009; A remarkable envoy talks about the Arab-Israeli conflict;
Ishmael Khaldi speaks at Chico State University
3 A Shepherd's Journey: the story of Israel's first Bedouin diplomat
Book, softcover, by Ishmael Khaldi, May 2010; Autobiography
4 8 Reasons Leftists Should be Pro-Israel
Huffington Post article by Alan Krinsky
5 Pugwash 50th Conference: Eliminating the Causes of War
2001; various authors
6 Project Ploughshares
various authors
7 Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights
List of articles; Women's rights, conflict resolution in Islam
8 Making Peace Work
by Erin Pineda; August 23, 2007; Link obtained from Conflict Resolution Network Canada website, http://www.crnetwork.ca/front.asp
9 Give peace department a chance, two MPs say
National Post article, Oct. 1, 2009; Mike De Souza, Canwest News Service
10 Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: A Selected Bibliography
Peacemakers Trust, Resource web page, http://www.peacemakers.ca/resources/ ; Kathrine Morris; "Culture, Ethnicity and Conflict"
This bibliography is intended as a starting place for research on conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), peacebuilding or peace studies.
11 Obama Noble Peace Prize Speech
msnbc.com, Dec. 10, 2009; Full Text
12 Pilar Rahola Speech
Portal of Ideas - Blog, January 3, 2009; Mario M; Leftist in support of Israel
13 Imams issue fatwa against terrorists
National Post article by Charles Lewis, January 9, 2010; "We are asking Muslims here not only to condemn terrorism but to also see these events as attacks on themselves." - Imam Soharwardy
14 Center for Peace seeks Canadian presence
Canadian Jewish News article by Paul Lungen, April 1, 2010;
"Canada's minister of state for sport, Gary Lunn, announced support for international sports initiatives that included a grant to the Peres Center for Peace."
15 A Progressive Zionist's Dilemma
The Jerusalem Report article by Danny Ben-Moshe, February 15, 2010;
"Boycott Israel Boycotters"
16 Canada's Moderate Muslims
National Post article by Stephen Schwartz, April 6, 2010;
"Canadian Islam is more moderate, more diverse and more open to debate than American or even British Islam"
17 Where is the Pro-Israel Left?
Blog post by Michael Lumish, on Israel Thrives blog, September 11, 2014.